BGI, s.r.o., is engaged in the sale and manufacture of plastic products for the food industry, child safety devices and other production of plastic parts with a wide range of applications.

These products are usually already produced for a certain customer, who ordered their production at our company and paid for the forming tools. They are therefore direct, and the owner of the know-how is already a certain customer.  

Production technology: injection moulding, extrusion of profiles and soft seals.

BGI, s.r.o., is able to design and fabricate the tools needed to manufacture these products. The prices of these tools are very attractive in these cases, where production remains under the direction of BGI, s. r. o., and the interest in this solution is growing rapidly.

The possibilities of BGI, s. r. o., include the use of wire-cutting technology or electrical discharge machining, whereby the possibilities for the production of even very complex products are ensured, resp. tools for their fabrication.

Examples of the product portfolio of BGI,

  • packaging materials for the food industry,
  • special packaging for spices,
  • production of technical mouldings,
  • manufacture of safety devices,
  • profiles.

The production program of BGI, s.r.o., includes all possible types of products.

BGI, s.r.o., works for various industrial sectors, including the food industry and the automotive industry. The assortment of BGI, s. r. o., also includes toys, special mouldings or consumable goods.

Company headquarter:

BGI s.r.o.
tř. 5.května 1560
349 01 Stříbro

Regional offices:

BGI s.r.o.
U Bílé haldy 1016/II
370 01 Rokycany
Jan Mazanec
Tel.: +420 371 722 412