BGI – specialist of injection moulding

BGI deals mainly with making and selling plastic products for food industry, technical pressed parts, safety features, special spice containers etc. Among most often used technological methods there belong injection moulding to the forms on modern machines. What is this all about?

Injection moulding is a thermodynamic manufacturing proces for producing parts by injecting material into a mould. Plastic material is fed into the heated barrel where it is dried at the temperatures under 150°C. From the hopper, the granulate is taken by the screw into the mould where it is warmed up to the injection temperature (150 – 300°C). This could be done by back pressure as well.

BGI propose about 120 product sorts in our portfolio at the moment, e.g.

  • Caps for Tupperware boxes to be filled with soluble tea, spice etc.
  • Various sealing rings
  • Separate parts for children´s safety components
  • Children´s potties
  • Feeding bottles crates
  • Sockets´protection
  • Doorstops
  • Window safety locks

After getting the required temperature, the liquid plast is injected under a high pressure (up to 250 MPa) into the injection mould which is subsequently necessary to cool down to the operation temperatures (approx. 20 – 40°C).

Available BGI machines:

Name / closing power:                      

  • FEROMATIC 20 / 20t
  • FEROMATIC N 20 / 20t
  • VENUS 400 / 40t
  • FEROMATIC 60 / 60t
  • ARBURG / 70t
  • 2x TEDERIC / 100 t
  • FEROMATIC 130 / 130t
  • ARBURG / 150t
  • MARS / 320t

During the injection, all the air must be leaked to enable filling the tool with the substance. The time of injection is approx. two seconds. The injection proccess itself realizes by rectilinear movemnet of the screw piston. Its end is equipped with the back cap in order the melt leaks exclusively towards the tool.

Remaining plastic kept in the unit is called a substance pad. After the injection it is necessary to set the time of cooling down – this process takes usually few second. After it, the form opens and the part is taken out of the tool with the help of the ejector. It falls out either thanks to gravity or it is removed by the automaton. Concurrently with the part cooling in the tool, the screw piston rotates to také new material for new cycle.

Using the method of moulding injection, BGI Ltd. company make products on Arburg, Tederic, Feromatic and Haitian machines up to the closing power of 320 tonnes nad product weight of 700 g.

Facilities of some machines enable processing the highly abrasive materials (PA6 + glass etc), including controll of core and air valves pullers. Some products are set into suits. BGI Ltd. also produces injection forms according to the clients demand.

Company headquarter:

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tř. 5.května 1560
349 01 Stříbro

Regional offices:

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Jan Mazanec
Tel.: +420 371 722 412