BGI in 2016

BGI Ltd were established as a subsidiary company of a parent Raimund Hofmann GmbH company, and since the beginning of 2014 they have been concerned with both batch and tailor-made production of plastic articles. Their strengths lean on the use of progressive technologies in plastic production.

Mr Jan Mazanec, the head of production department in Rokycany premises, answers the questions about production and plannes for 2016 of BGI Ltd company.


How would you assess this year with repect to production?
We take pride of rising customers´ attention in 2015 and consequent rising number of orders. Last year, BGI made every effort to improve the quality of cotrolling system. As the quality guaranteeee of our production, we also implemented items of HACCP standards to extend current standards ISO 9001:2009.


What products are BGI Ltd specialised?
BGI Ltd focuse on production of food containers, sofisticated spice containers, technical compacts, safety components, toys. Furthemore, in 2016 we are expecting to extend our production in furnishing industry ware.


Who are your customers?
Among our referentials you may find names like REER, VEDES, BABYTEC, MAKO, LEITRONIC AG and others. Our current customers were exploaded in 2015 with large German companies as Bosch and VS Möbel GmbH.


What technologies are you equipped with? Are you planninig any extensions?
Thanks to constant improvement of know-how as well as long-time experience, we achieve to cover the complete implementation of the product from the development as late as its delivery, since the core of BGI lingers in technologies of injection moulding.


Is there any cooperation between BGI Ltd and INUTEC Ltd companies? If so, what is the level of it?
Cooperation between our company and INUTEC Ltd henceforth proceeds. Moreover, we are the pivotal food containers supplier for INUTEC Ltd.


What can you be proud of recently?
I would like to mention obtaining a new machine, so called Fulelektric, with the high production precision and low energy consuming, which is a great support for our production. I would also emhasize a great positive for our customers of incessant quality improvement of our production, which is proved by certification mentioned above as well as compliance with demanding standards.


What are your goals for 2016
In 2016, our priority consists in rising takings in all fields of our activities. We also plan rising the earnings of our employees. Last but not least, another task is the improvement of infrastucture of our company. I believe we will meet all our obligations.


Company headquarter:

BGI s.r.o.
tř. 5.května 1560
349 01 Stříbro

Regional offices:

BGI s.r.o.
U Bílé haldy 1016/II
370 01 Rokycany
Jan Mazanec
Tel.: +420 371 722 412