Production and development

Give us a general idea, and we will help you with its complete realization. Due to our constantly improving know-how and many years of experience, we can cover the entire product realization from development to supply.

Our specialists will ensure the presentation of the best technological solution for your demand. The result is an individual solution with which the customer is satisfied both technically and in terms of financial profitability. Customized solutions are thus created both for special piece production and large-scale production.

BGI, s.r.o., processes many types of plastics. Injection moulded products are manufactured in the business premises in Rokycany from materials such as ABS, PC, PE, PP, PS, PU, TPE and other compounds (HD PVC, PVC W etc.), as well as from special technical materials. After communicating your intention, our specialists will recommend an optimal material suitable for your particular demand.

Production technology - BGI, s.r.o.

BGI, s.r.o., is qualified for the production of plastic products using both injection technology and extrusion.

The company is able to use thermoplastic injection moulding technology. This technology is not particularly new, but it still requires considerable erudition, especially in the production of highly sophisticated technical parts.

The pressing options of BGI, s. r. o., are defined by the clamping force of the machines ranging from 20 to 320 tons and presswork weight of up to 700 grams.

In these cases BGI, s. r. o., exploits the fact that it is able to design and develop the tools needed for the production of injection moulded products and also has a range of consumer products from its own tools.

The prices of these tools are very attractive in these cases, where production remains purely under our direction (see above), and the interest in this solution is growing rapidly.

The possibilities of BGI, s. r. o., include the use of wire-cutting technology or electrical discharge machining, whereby the possibilities for the production of even very complex products are ensured, resp. tools for their production. We also provide repair and maintenance of production tools, including the manufacture of spare parts.


BGI, s. r. o., carries out the production of injection moulded products on the injection moulding machines Arburg, Tederic, Ferromatic and Haitian up to a clamping force of 320 tons and product weight of 700 g. The equipment of some of the machines allows the processing of materials with high abrasiveness (PA6 + glass, etc.), including the control of core pullers and air valves. Some products are assembled into sets. This activity of BGI, s.r.o., includes the production of injection moulds according to customer specifications.


BGI, s. r. o., realizes the production of profiles and pipes made of PE, PP, HD-PVC, PS, ABS as well as prefabricated profiles and accessories. BGI, s. r. o., manufactures tools directly in the company.

Company headquarter:

BGI s.r.o.
tř. 5.května 1560
349 01 Stříbro

Regional offices:

BGI s.r.o.
U Bílé haldy 1016/II
370 01 Rokycany
Jan Mazanec
Tel.: +420 371 722 412